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Technology today offers opportunities for modernizing educational management. One area offering immense promise for improving learning efficiency & reducingeducational costs is in Testing and Evaluation, where the COMPUTER-AIDED AUDIT, REVIEW AND TESTING SYSTEM (CAARTS) is used instead of thetraditional Pencil-and-Paper-Based Test (PPBT)CAARTS SAVES P2,305 per Student per year.

Educators & Students clamor for tests with

  • Dynamic visuals using texts and graphics that allow interactive learning
  • User-friendly windows allowing flexibility to individual test-takers
  • Instantaneous score reporting, and
  • Capability to match and incorporate desired instructional contents, behaviors and skills in Summative and Comprehensive Tests
Savings Advantage of CAARTS over PPBT
  • The TOTAL COST PER STUDENT PER YEAR for PPBT is P2,895.95 while CAARTS is P590.5568.
  • The CAARTS COST SAVINGS PER STUDENT PER YEAR for the school is P2,305.3864.
Academic Software offers CAARTS for online local network and web-based educational testing in the following professional areas:
    • Nurse Licensure Examination – Philippines
    • NCLEX – USA
    • English Language Proficiency Tests (IELTS)
    • Midwifery Licensure Examination
    • Teachers Licensure Examination
    • Accountancy Licensure Examination
    • Civil Engineering Licensure Examination
    • Electrical Engineering Licensure Examination
    • Criminology Licensure Examination
    • Elementary Pupils Achievement Tests
    • Secondary Students Achievement Test
    • English Language Proficiency Test