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With the Asset Management System software it is very easy to inventory and search for any kind of asset a college will ever need to use and own. Even small and mobilevaluable assets such as books and materials, laboratory tools and instruments, portable equipment such as computers and digital projectors can be easily traced in their designated locations such as campus, building, room, cabinet, shelf, box and drawer. It is also very easy to assign and verify the responsible asset custodian. The software also possesses the following performance features:

  1. View the details (such as hardware, software, and manufacturer) of computers, printers, and other assets on your network.
  2. List, sort, and search through your network's computers, printers, and other assets.
  3. Print reports on your network's PC inventory, hardware/software, catalog items, and more.
  4. Manage your organization's help desk.
  5. Receive free support and updates for ONE YEAR.