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Learning Packages


Professional Services

Academics Research and Development has developed Instructional Modules for the Nursing, Midwifery, Accountancy, Business Administration, Civil & Electrical Engineering, and Criminology programs.  These modules possess the following elements:

  • Standardized Course Contents. The contents of Instructional Modules are in conformity with local and international Policies and Standards for Higher Education.
  • Systematized  Syllabi.  The Course Syllabi format is integrated, self-contained and modularized. It includes the Course Number, Course Title, Dean’ Information, Instructor’s Information, General Objective, Topics, Enrichment Activities, References & Educational Materials, Case Studies, Assessment Tools, Time Frames, Book References, Grading Policy, and Required Papers. It incorporates all the necessary information for enriched individualized learning.
  • Multi-media. Various forms of multi-media such as Powerpoint Presentations, Video, Audio and Graphics are incorporated as hyperlinks in the Course Syllabi.
  • Digitalization. The Course Syllabi modules, along with the multi-media materials they contain, are being produced and distributed in digital formats to facilitate individual and group learning in stand-alone, local area network and on-line computer systems.
  • Comprehensive Testing and Remediation.  A Computer-Aided Audit Review and Testing System (CAARTS) based on the Standardized Course Contents is used to make swift and cost-effective evaluation of student performance.
  • Online Education.  The digitized syllabi and multi-media  can be uploaded to and accessed from the Online Education Website for learners enrolled in pure distance education or blended classroom-online education programs.